The Greek Immigrants Of Reading, PA
The two alphabetical indexes subsequent to this page are representative of the Immigrants who arrived in Reading, Pa. through Ellis Island N.Y. between 1892 - 1924 & the ships that brought them to our shores.

The Passenger Index is the most significant whereas each entry has an associated Passenger Record & Ship Manifest. These provide critical information such as date of arrival, age, destination, birthplace, last residence & with whom, and other details of height, color of hair, eyes & complexion.
The Ship Index displays a list of vessels used to transport immigrants. Each entry has a photograph or drawing of the vessel for a given persons voyage along with its’ history from inception to finale. Design criteria & passenger capacity by class; 1st, 2nd & steerage for all immigrants, is also noted.

The above information is a result of a data search conducted by this author over the past three years & who is now in the process of transmitting all the research to our Heritage Room at Sts. Constantine & Helen Church. The goal is to have this available in the near future for all interested parties to access. In the interim, for Passenger Records etc., you can search the Ellis Island website at, type in a name from the Passenger Index, click “search” & proceed to gather data for that person.